I’m Not Giving Up Until I Land My Dream Job

"I had two senior positions in the NHS inviting me for interviews."

Hear how Abdul’s mentor helped him revamp his CV to get senior position interviews…!

“As someone who has almost finished my Doctorate degree, I have started searching for new opportunities. I have been applying for some time now but, unfortunately, no favourable responses. Then came an email from Graduate Mentor about Steve, who was available and willing to mentor – I quickly jumped on the opportunity.

Our first meeting went very well and Steve Odell did a wonderful job by putting my CV into three different formats. As I have a wide range of experience, he helped me tailor my CV for HR, managerial, lecturing and NGO jobs! He went ahead and helped me do a job search and for the first time I had two senior positions in the NHS inviting me for interviews. The interviews didn’t quite go my way but I have learned a lot and now know how to get more interviews in the future.

I am not giving up until I land my dream job. Thank you to Graduate Mentor and Steve for reinvigorating my job search!”