My Mentor Helped Me Get Into Healthcare Industry

“I have way more confidence to apply to other large employers in these sectors.”

Hear from Michael as he explains how a mentor transformed his CV and gave him brilliant industry insights.

I graduated with an MBA in July and started applying for management jobs however it was a real headache as I was getting very few replies. I really needed advice on the sectors I was applying to and so I began googling for mentoring services for advice. Graduate Mentor was at the top of google and had brilliant reviews. I visited the platform, searched through the profiles, found a mentor and I’m now in a much better place thanks to a brilliant mentor!

I booked my free mentoring session in August with Federico who had experience in engineering, healthcare and pharmaceuticals which were the sectors I was interested in. We had a one hour meeting on MS teams and we started with my CV. He helped me to understand what the industry expects from graduates and how to prepare prior to applying for jobs. He was very patient with me and put me at ease throughout the process. His knowledge and specialism within my industry was exceptional. He said I needed more experience and to start applying for trainee and non-executive roles. To stand out I needed to refresh my CV so he reviewed it and suggested I reduce it from four pages to two and bring my skills and experience to the first page and focus on my achievements. He then helped me identify suitable roles and make applications to Network Rail and NHS. He has offered to help my with the next stage of the application process which is really good to know he has my back!

The biggest thing for me, now I have applied for these roles, is that I have way more confidence to apply to other large employers in these sectors. It was a real eye opener on how the industry works. I can recommend mentoring to all students who recently graduated and don’t know what to do moving their careers forward.