“She guides me in a way that promotes my own thought processes and decision-making.”

Hear how Nikolay’s mentor helped him with the necessary guidance on how to navigate through a difficult career situation…!

“Alina, as my mentor, has had a positive influence on my career. She provided me with the necessary guidance to reevaluate my priorities, which resulted in a crucial decision to leave a workplace that was both toxic and racist.

Alina’s mentorship style is unique in that it encourages self-discovery. When seeking her advice, I often find that the process of discussing the issue and hearing her questions leads me to my own answers. This process, which I call the ‘lighthouse effect,’ has helped me to build my problem-solving skills.
Alina is helpful without being overbearing. She guides me in a way that promotes my own thought processes and decision-making, contributing positively to my personal and professional growth.

I’m thankful for Graduate Mentor’s service in connecting me with Alina. The mentorship she provides has been a valuable resource, and I appreciate the difference it has made in my life. I’m also grateful for Alina’s continued support and look forward to learning more from our ongoing collaboration.”

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