My Mentor Encouraged Me To Keep Going

“It’s great to get intel from the inside about the industry you are interested in.”

Hear about Tala’s journey and how she gained confidence in her abilities to jump back into the jobs market.

I graduated nearly two years ago and despite making applications in the FMCG sector the economy was in chaos and I was making no progress whatsoever. Being an International graduate made the situation even harder and I was starting to doubt my own abilities and getting depressed so I needed a way out. Luckily, I found Graduate Mentor and connected with an excellent mentor to hold my hand and give me a boost.

After a one hour Zoom session he was able to turn my luck around by remodelling my CV, improving my confidence and encouraging me to keep going. This is exactly what I needed at the time. Not only that but I have made more connections through LinkedIn with his help and momentum is growing in my search for work.

My advice to any graduates who are hesitating or has a negative mindset is that Graduate Mentor is a great platform that helps you build connections and better understand your industry. My mentor, Brian, was very professional and supportive. He helped boost my confidence and was very informative about the industry and gave me great tips on how to further boost my CV. I would highly recommend graduates to use this service.