My Mentor Brought Calm In A Time of Chaos

"Having a mentor like Belinda through the programme completely changed my perspective in planning life after studies."

Many like me have an idea but lack a foundation and pure knowledge from professionals and experienced individuals involved in the occupation they are looking to enter. The Graduate Mentor programme was that bridge I needed to connect that chain of insight and opportunities that was pivotal to the advancement of my profession.  

That’s where Belinda came in for me, whom I was extremely fortunate in connecting with. She was honest and enthusiastic regarding all queries into the professional life, whilst also being concise with what was needed to get to the destination I wanted. Having a mentor like Belinda through the programme completely changed my perspective in planning life after my studies.

She brought calm in a time of manic, as the conclusion of studies into the introduction of workplace search seemed to catch me somewhat by surprise!

Belinda has been integral to my growth in confidence especially in her sacrifice of time to give me wisdom in our one-to-one session. Whilst concurrently promoting individuality and uniqueness as something to be proud of. Counselling like this is invaluable to many graduates/students, particularly those coming from a diverse background like me; worried about the potential of not fitting in. That makes a huge personal difference enabling future growth as it shows genuine care and reliable support.

Overall, I would strongly and have already recommended this mentorship programme to many of my friends in similar positions.

We should encourage others to gain important information pertaining to their future.  Whilst the service is provided free of charge, to really make the most of the opportunity, I would advise you to show up prepared, do your homework in advance and to be thoughtful and intentional with how you want to use your time with your mentor.  I’ve found that when you show respect to your mentor, that consideration is reflected back to you very organically.  Plus, the discipline of preparing for meetings is a transferable skill that I know I will be able to take to the workplace.

Finally. Belinda adds “I’ve been working with Stephen over the past few months, and honestly, it’s been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling mentoring experiences that I have had to date. Stephen is a clever, considerate and thoughtful young man, and I can hand on heart say that I have learned more from him than he has learned from me!”