I’ve Landed my Dream Role

“David helped me to identify what I really wanted for my career.”

Hear how Pri’s mentor enabled her to build confidence and business ‘instinct’.

“After leaving a graduate role which left me feeling confused about what I wanted, David helped me to identify what I really wanted for my career. In just a few weeks, I landed my dream role and his guidance throughout the interview process was invaluable. Even when it comes to my personal entrepreneurial ventures, he has been able to hone in on what I don’t see, nudging me to find the solutions for myself, in a way that is honest, direct, and even humorous. He’s made himself available in whatever way possible to answer my questions, and he’s responded to a bunch of my personal reflections, even when I’ve waffled!

David knows when to step in with advice and when to observe from a distance, and overall this approach has enabled me to build my confidence and my business ‘instinct’. This process has encouraged me to focus on exactly what I need to do to reach my personal image of success, and I’m extremely grateful that I could find a mentorship like this. ”