I Had Zero Experience or Training…and I Got the Job!

“I learnt that showing your passion for the job can really make you stand out.”

Hear from Alex as he explains how a mentor validated his career choice and gave him a chance to advance.

I have studied in Spain, Budapest, Singapore and graduated from Warwick University in June 2021 with a BSc International Management.

I made an application almost EVERY day between October 2020 – April 2021. A total of 120 job applications! I had a few interviews and even a job offer but the job wasn’t right for me. On the assessment centre with 12 candidates I was the only non-UK candidate and it did make me feel like an outsider. On reflection I wasn’t downhearted but saw those six months as part of a learning curve that was going to help me get one step closer to the right job. My next action was to review my CV as there was something on it (or not on it) that was stopping me getting noticed and advancing to the next stage. I really wanted the advice of a marketing expert and it was then that I discovered Graduate Mentor.

I clicked on “Find a Mentor” then chose the Marketing mentors and researched each one looking at their Bio description, LinkedIn profiles and employer websites. I shortlisted three mentors and booked a session with my top choice – Robin Richmond. The reason I chose him was he had similar interests and the company he worked for looked really interesting.

We booked a one hour zoom session together and started by looking at my CV. At the end of the session Robin said he would have hired me had I applied for a role they had a few months ago. That was great to hear but frustrating at the same time! I needn’t have worried as a week later Robin contacted me and said a new Digital Marketing vacancy was in the pipeline and gave me information on the position before they posted it on their site.

My luck had clearly changed and I jumped at the chance. I applied, got through the first, second and presentation stages and it was down to myself and one other applicant. I was offered the role in May 2021 and I’m so delighted that the Graduate Mentor platform made it happen!

“Alex has been a great hire and we are delighted to have him as part of the team, so thanks for providing the platform that made this happen!” – Robin Richmond, MD at 8 Million Stories.

My advice for any other graduate job seeker is to do things outside of your studies that show you have a passion for the job you want. In my case, I did e-learning marketing courses at the weekend like Google Analytics. They are free and easily digestible. I was able to do ten of these courses at the weekends and it really got the attention of my interviewer as it showed my genuine interest to pursue a career in marketing. Finally, talk to as many people in the sector you want to work in as this will either confirm or make you reconsider if that career journey is right for you. Graduate Mentor gives you access to industry professionals so give it a go.