An Amazing Experience – Really Impressed With Graduate Mentor

“My biggest takeaways were clarity, insight and tips in my area of interest.”

Hear from Abhilash who realised help could build his network within the HR industry.

I have had an amazing experience and was really impressed with the platform.

For ten years I was a Campus Relationship Manager for Oracle travelling to Universities across India. Studying for an MBA in the UK is what I need to get into leadership roles within HR and people consulting. My plan now is to get an internship this summer and then I’ll complete my MBA in December.

My internship job search started by registering with GRB. Soon after, I received an email about Graduate Mentor and decided to visit the platform. The number one factor was that I saw this could really help me build my network within the industry I was hoping to enter in the UK. I started seeing mentors in HR and soon found many others to choose from. I cross-checked their LinkedIn profile to make sure they were the right match for my needs and reached out to a couple.
My first session was booked with Andy Whitlock and we spoke for about an hour on MS Teams. He understood my situation straight away. He started by going through my LinkedIn profile. Andy was great and listened to me and my queries thoroughly. He was supportive and guided me through the areas of my concern and provided sound advice. My biggest takeaways were clarity, insight and tips in my area of interest. I would love to have a session with him again in future!

It was amazing to connect with someone in my industry. It was so easy. My mentor was in a much better position to understand my industry experience and how the job market works in the UK. Networking is imperative in today’s business and job market and I highly recommend Graduate Mentor for students and job seekers!