A different job strategy opened doors for me

Graduate Mentor A different job strategy opened doors for me 1

Vince, Graduate Mentor

30 years’ executive global business experience with ExxonMobil, GDF Suez, Nalco, V. Ships and P&G.

Graduate Mentor A different job strategy opened doors for me 3

Henry, Graduate Mentee

Automotive Engineering graduate from at Northumbria University

Our first success story for an Engineering graduate.

It all started when Vince emailed the team as follows;

I thought you might be interested in this feedback. It has made my day;.and it worked spectacularly well!

Hi Vince, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the help you provided me with when assisting my job finding. I took your advice on asking companies for work when they were not advertising jobs and have just began my career at Transmission Dynamics in Cramlington as a mechanical and instrumentation engineer. Thank you so much for your help.
All the best, Henry

This was great news so we then contacted Henry to find out more! Here’s what he said;

I got an email from my brother about graduate mentor. He had a job already so passed it on to me to check out. I had just graduated in Automotive Engineering at Northumbria University and had already applied for five graduate jobs with no success. I did get the final interview stage with BAE Systems but it fell through so I turned to the graduate mentor website.

I searched for mentors and found a guy who specialised in Engineering. I sent Vince a mentoring session request, he replied and we spoke for an hour over Zoom. We had a few emails to and fro afterwards. He really helped with my CV, tips on how to apply for jobs, good websites to use but what really worked was making a speculative approach.

He told me to choose a company i really wanted to work for even though they weren’t advertising any graduate vacancies. Then he said find the CEO on LinkedIn and send a message with your CV attached. Within 30 minutes I got a reply and we set up a chat over Zoom. I must have impressed them because he offered me a job to start the next day!

This is a great result for Henry and having this mentoring session completely changed his approached….and it worked spectacularly well!