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Analytics, Banking, Consultancy

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I’m Dan, a dedicated Careers Mentor specializing in the Banking, Analytics, and Consultancy sectors. My passion lies in guiding and supporting students as they navigate their professional paths in these dynamic industries.

With a solid background in Finance and Economics, I entered the world of banking and gained valuable experience in various roles. This firsthand experience helped me develop a deep understanding of the sector and the skills required to excel within it.

As a mentor, my focus is on understanding each student’s unique strengths, interests, and career aspirations. I strive to align their goals with the demands and opportunities within the Banking, Analytics, and Consultancy fields.

Drawing from my extensive network of professionals in these sectors, I provide valuable insights and guidance on internships, job placements, and career pathways. I offer support in developing key skills such as financial analysis, problem-solving, and client management.

Building strong relationships with my mentees is a priority for me. I am committed to providing unwavering support, sharing industry knowledge, and assisting with resume writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies.

With my expertise and experience, I aim to empower students to succeed in the competitive world of Banking, Analytics, and Consultancy. Let me be your trusted mentor as you navigate the exciting opportunities and challenges within these industries.

Mentoring Offered

CV Writing, Interview Preparation, Job Applications, Personal Branding


University of Bath