Featured Mentor: Allan Wadsworth Graduate Mentor 1

To misquote “We are all the accumulation of our past”. If I have been where you want to go then maybe I can help you. 4 years working with the NAAFI in Germany. From stone broke to brand new Mini car in 7 months. 5 years running a small corner shop. Expanded, Diversified, hired and fired!. Sold life insurance by door knocking. Night school trained to Programmer Analyst. 5 years of IT work later, set up my own company as an independent IT analyst. Set up multiple mini-companies. Developed a profitable property portfolio. Trained Individuals and groups. Mentored people from 25 to 55.

Specialism: IT; Property; Sales;

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Featured Mentor: Allan Wadsworth Graduate Mentor 2

We were keen for our new starter to have as much one-to-one professional guidance but were simply unable to provide this in-house in addition to our training. Fortunately we were able to direct our graduate to GM where they could find an industry professional who had kindly volunteered to assist via the platform. We saw this as a win-win-win situation and were delighted we could turn to GM for extra support in these challenging times. We hope this will give our new graduate the best possible start and enable them to reach their potential earlier and contribute to the business in a shorter time frame.”

Company Secretary, Manufacturing Firm

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time today, it was really appreciated. I will take your advice onboard and take a new approach. The CV you sent through is an excellent template and I will contact the companies listed and collate into Excel. I will in be touch again. I hope you don’t mind :).”

Haaris Din, Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester

“My mentor was amazing at helping me secure a job at a new company that I am really going to enjoy! She asked a number of questions when she first contacted me to make sure she was looking at the right jobs for me personally. They were excellent at following up and answering any questions I had and gave me loads of interview preparation advice which ultimately helped me land the job! Thank you.”

James, History at Exeter University

“This is a great initiative. My mentor provided useful information and engaged me in a way that made me comfortable sharing my career goals and challenges during the session. The session was very helpful. Thanks “

Ponmile Oluwadiran, Cyber Security at Solent University

“My mentor was really helpful. She provided tips and a lot of advice. She explained and gave me details on the hiring process and answered all my question. It was a great experience. I am glad I got to meet someone with her career history.”

Emanuela Sula, Finance at Swansea University

“I found the session really helpful! Would recommend to anyone struggling with their job search.”

Alice Green, English at Leeds Beckett University

“Hi, This graduate mentorship program is brilliant. My mentor is a qualified solicitor and also recruiting for a law firm. She was friendly, humble and polite. She asked me to send my CV to her. Thereby she will give me feedback and feedforward. Graduate Recruitment Bureau, I thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Fehime Pehlivan, Law at Bournemouth University

“I received a very good insight into the employment process and how to fix some of the issues I am currently facing. I still need further sessions as my issue is not a one-stop fix, but felt very positive after the session and thought that mentor is very pleasant and intuitive.”

Greta Ivanauskaite, Computer Science at University of Westminster

“My mentor charged my soul positively for applying for jobs as I was very frustrated from previous failed applications.”

Latifa Razahi, Accountancy at BPP University College

” Really lovely to speak with Andrew and his insight into the industry was good to see. Answered all my questions and had a good discussion on certain topics.”

Kalokson Gurung, Chemical Engineering at Bradford University

“Really lovely to speak with Vince and his insight into the industry was good to see. A lot experience that I felt I gained good value for. Answered all my questions and had a good discussion on certain topics.”

Kalokson Gurung, Chemical Engineering at Bradford University

“Thank you for this opportunity, very helpful!”

Michal Tarajda, Business Management and Economics at the University of Roehampton

“Fantastic insight which would otherwise not be known! Would love to have another one :)”

Kit Bacon, Fashion Marketing and Communication at UWE

“Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve managed to secure a role as a customer banking adviser. Once again really appreciate the CV help and overall advice.

Aidan Gill, Business with Finance, Liverpool John Moores University