What are your expectations for a Mentor?2021-06-08T15:48:35+01:00

To help Mentees to the best of your ability using your professional skill and experience. In terms of time commitment, you can flex your availability and are in complete control by selecting days and times in your calendar. We appreciate most Mentors have full time jobs so if the minimum you can manage is one hour a month then that’s fine. If you can do more, then we are eternally grateful. If you ever need to put your availability on hold for a set period of time you can also do that. For further information please view our Code of Conduct.

Is Graduate Mentor a charity?2021-06-08T15:48:12+01:00

No. The platform was creates and launched by Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) – the leading graduate recruitment consultancy in the UK since 1997. We have two members of staff working part-time on the project, recruiting Mentors, driving students and graduates to the platform, building and managing the website plus all the administration in-between. We don’t wish to charge Mentors or Mentees to use the site as we’d like this to remain available to all and grow organically with external funding. We aim to cover our costs by attracting organisations to our Partner Programme.

Is there a charge to use the platform at any stage?2021-06-08T15:48:30+01:00

No. The platform is entirely free to use for mentees and mentors. Mentors can financially support the platform as part of our Partner Programme.

Why was Graduate Mentor created?2021-06-08T15:48:23+01:00

GRB have been incubating this this idea since 2016. The recent pandemic and recession made us bring the project to reality to reach more and more graduates who are struggling to find work in these extremely challenging times. Graduate Mentor is one part of a wider campaign to mitigate the pandemic entitled #helpthecovidgeneration which was launched on 11th August 2020.

What happens once I’ve requested a meeting with a Mentor?2021-06-08T15:48:17+01:00

Once you have chosen your Mentor and filled in the short form requesting an appointment, the Mentor will receive an email alert. Mentors are not obliged to agree to every request if they feel they are not able to help you and they may politely decline. In most cases, booking requests are accepted in which case you will receive further details by email. All sessions are done using video platforms like Zoom.

Who are these Mentors and why do they want to help me?2021-10-11T10:16:05+01:00

We have personally invited mentors from a range of backgrounds, sectors and experience to give you the best choice possible. With a growing portfolio of mentors kindly volunteering from leading employers such as Google, Facebook, Reckitt Benckiser, The Ordnance Survey, Nottingham University and the British Army, we are becoming the go-to platform for many business professionals looking to reach a diverse student and graduate community. All our mentors have agreed to our Code of Conduct so they are 100% committed to helping you and they share our mission to help the next generation of students and graduates reach their career potential with expert support from inspiring mentors.

I’ve had lots of bookings with Mentees. Can I follow up with them beyond the first hour?2021-06-08T15:47:59+01:00

Yes of course if you are happy to spend more time with a Mentee then by all means that’s wonderful! Please refer to our Welcome Guide for information on manging your bookings.

I haven’t had any bookings with Mentees yet. Am I doing something wrong?2021-06-08T15:47:48+01:00

We understand not every Mentor may be selected. It’s nothing personal! Mentees will make a booking by searching by industry and then viewing your profile. There are a few reasons why this may not be happening. Firstly, we have over 200 Mentors with such brilliant offerings that Mentees may be spoilt for choice. Secondly, there is a seasonal aspect to graduate recruitment so some months many be more active than others. Thirdly, some industries have more Mentors than others so we are trying to balance this out so the odds increase for your selection with a more even spread. Finally, some industries may be more popular than others which may change with your involvement!

I’ve had a few no-shows. Why?2021-06-08T15:47:43+01:00

Yes, this is an unfortunate and frustrating part of the process that is very hard to control unfortunately. This applies to both sides. If you can keep communication flowing that will minimise no-shows. That last thing we want is anyone feeling disappointed. There will be instances where both Mentees and Mentors let each other down but we do ask Mentees and Mentors to read and agree to our Code of Conduct. We also monitor no-shows and if there are serial offenders then we will intervene.

How are you promoting Graduate Mentor to University students and graduates?2021-06-08T15:47:32+01:00

We drive students and graduates to the platform in five ways. Firstly, the platform is optimised so when students and graduates use certain search terms Google ranks us highly. Secondly, we target students and graduates by University and degree course from the GRB talent pool and send emails to them on a regular basis. Thirdly, we also approach our clients offering their new graduate hires access to the platform to accelerate their performance so this should bring more industry-focussed people to your profile. Fourthly, we have the support of several Universities who are kindly promoting the platform through various channels. Finally, we also encourage Mentors to bring awareness to their profile on the platform through their own social media channels.

Do you get feedback from Mentees after sessions?2021-06-08T15:47:20+01:00

Yes. We request feedback from Mentees after each session to monitor activity and address areas that need improvement.

How are you planning to scale this scheme and could it include school leavers?2021-06-08T15:47:14+01:00

We don’t think it’s fair to raise hopes for young people and not sustain the platform for future generations. We therefore plan to continue investing our own resources in the platform and hopefully attract financial support through our partner programme. Graduate Mentor certainly has the capability of being used by a wider audience such as school leavers and it is certainly something we could provide in the future. With further investment this will contribute to our ongoing costs and help us invest in our future growth plans.

What is the difference between being a regular mentor versus a partner mentor?2021-06-08T15:47:01+01:00

As a regular mentor you are able to have your profile listed on the platform and enjoy unlimited mentoring sessions with mentees for no charge. As a partner mentor, we take a much more involved and strategic approach to meet your specific objectives. Once we have identified your needs we can actively promote your profile among our mentee community driving mentees to your profile to book sessions with you. You can also use the platform for recruitment or research purposes with a bespoke email campaign and much more. There are three options to become a partner outlined on our Partner Programme page here.

Can you guarantee that all Mentees are University students or graduates?2021-06-08T15:46:53+01:00

No we can’t guarantee that. With any publicly available website there are limits to how we can control who visits the platform. It is highly unlikely a non-student or non-graduate would visit the platform and book a session. Our marketing team carefully targets ONLY University students and graduates in our campaigns; we make it clear who the platform is for; we get them to agree to our Code of Conduct and they must enter a University and degree course when making a booking. We closely monitor activity and to date we have had no issues.

What reporting can you provide for Mentors?2021-06-08T15:46:46+01:00

We can provide feedback given by each Mentee including details of the session such as date, time and the Mentees University and course. No personal data is shared in accordance with GDPR.

How do I make a complaint?2021-06-08T15:29:28+01:00

If you have had any issues that you feel require escalation please refer to our complaints policy.

Do you sell paid for services to mentees?2022-03-21T16:10:00+00:00

We do not market any paid for services to our mentees. The way we cover our costs is partnering with organisations who wish to take a more strategic alignment with our mission and financially support us in the process. Our current partners are GRB, Sureserve and Softwire.

Can you circulate your updates on the scheme with a newsletter?2021-06-08T15:47:07+01:00

That’s a great idea but we don’t want to add to the many emails you already receive so for better impact and engagement we will post regular updates on the Graduate Mentor LinkedIn Group. This will also enable members to comment and share anything they choose plus give you an opportunity to connect with other mentors and mentees!

How can I prepare for a Mentee session beforehand?2021-06-08T15:47:26+01:00

Each Mentee should complete a short form explaining what they want from the session. You can accept or reject a session request on this basis. To give you an idea, sessions have ranged from simply brainstorming career choices, industry advice, a CV or cover letter review, preparation for an interview or upcoming AC or something more career-related.

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