Who Is Behind Graduate Mentor?2020-10-20T16:55:06+01:00

The graduate mentor platform is the CSR project for Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) – the leading graduate recruitment consultancy in the UK since 1997. We have two members of staff working on the project, recruiting mentors, driving graduates to the platform, building and managing the website plus all the administration in-between. As a not-for-profit venture we don’t wish to charge mentors or mentees to use the site as we’d like this to remain available to all and grow organically. We aim to cover our costs by attracting organisations to our partner programme.

What Happens Once I’ve Requested A Meeting?2020-10-20T16:55:16+01:00

As a mentee, once you have chosen your mentor and filled in the short form requesting an appointment, they will receive an alert and then reply to confirm with further details.

Why Was Graduate Mentor Created?2020-10-20T16:55:46+01:00

GRB have had this idea in the bottom drawer for ages! The recent pandemic and recession made us bring the project to reality to reach more and more graduates who are struggling to find work in these extremely challenging times. Graduate mentor is one part of a wider campaign entitled #helpthecovidgeneration which was launched on 11th August 2020.

Do I Have To Give Anything To Join?2020-10-20T16:55:54+01:00

No. The platform is entirely free to use including the first one hour mentoring sessions. After this first session some professional coaches and mentors may offer their paid for services.

Who Are These Mentors And Why Do They Want To Help Me?2020-10-20T16:56:01+01:00

We have personally invited mentors from a range of backgrounds, sectors and experience to give you – the graduate – the best choice possible. With a growing portfolio of mentors from leading employers such as Mastercard, Facebook, RWE, Nottingham University and the British Army, graduate mentor is becoming the go-to platform for many business professionals looking to expand their CSR with a diverse graduate community. All our mentors have agreed to our Code of Conduct so they are 100% committed to helping you and they share our mission to help the next generation of graduates reach their career potential with expert support from inspiring mentors.

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