Breach of any statements made in our Code of Conduct will result in immediate account suspension.

By using Graduate Mentor as a Mentor or (graduate) Mentee, you are agreeing to the Graduate Mentor Code of Conduct:

  • Mentors will guarantee that mentoring sessions with any individual mentee will not incur any cost. We understand some Mentees may be seeking extra professional mentoring services so we enable some professional full-time Mentors to offer their services which may incur a charge which can be agreed between the two parties outside of the Graduate Mentor platform.
  • The mentoring relationship is not for personal recruitment purposes or the promotion of business interests, goods or services other than mentoring.
  • The mentoring relationship is for career-related development and knowledge sharing. A mentor will not make decisions for a mentee, provide legal advice or carry out any work for them. A mentee will use mentoring sessions solely for the purpose of pursuing information and knowledge sharing about career-related goals.
  • Mentoring sessions should be kept confidential by both parties. The content of mentoring sessions and information exchanged should only be shared by mutual agreement unless serious health, safety, misconduct or criminal issues come to light.
  • Mentors and mentees are to respect each other’s time by being punctual, agreeing aims at the start of sessions, keeping conversations ‘on-topic’, and changing session times only when it is necessary to do so.
  • Mentors and mentees are to respect each other’s dignity and show a commitment to equal opportunities by avoiding discrimination on any grounds during any stage of the mentoring process and communications and using appropriate and professional language and behaviours.
  • Mentees will accept that bookings are only confirmed once a confirmation email and/or text has been received and that bookings may be subject to change. Mentors should only accept bookings for which they have suitable expertise and may reject bookings for the following reasons: a) Lack of suitable skills/knowledge to meet the mentee’s aims, b) Multiple bookings for an appointment time, c) No longer available for an appointment time.

Liabilities and waiver:

  • You will be entering into a voluntary, private mentoring arrangement, which either party can end at any time without notice or liability.
  • Graduate Mentor provides a platform for mentor and mentee introductions. Graduate Mentor has no further role in the relationship and accepts no liability for damages.
  • You agree to indemnify Graduate Mentor and its employees from any claims, actions or proceedings of any kind arising from your connection to or participation in Graduate Mentor.
  • Mentees are responsible for assessing the credentials and suitability of a mentor. Mentors are responsible for ensuring that they have suitable knowledge and expertise when accepting or commencing a mentoring session.

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