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“Graduate Mentor will help the next generation of graduates reach their career potential with expert support from inspiring mentors.”

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Hello and welcome to Graduate Mentor. Let us explain briefly our journey that led up to this point.

The founders at Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) often wondered why there was no mentoring service designed just for graduates. We were curious, so started by conducting some research. There were a few services out there but nothing of the scale and style we wanted to create. Next, we reached out to students. A survey with 115 of some of the brightest and best students from the GRB talent pool showed that 100% would use a mentor…and here were the top three reasons why,


One-on-one advice and guidance from a graduate recruitment expert


Increase my chances of launching my career in a specific sector


Help with my job application process e.g. CVs, interviews, etc.

Secondly, we started talking to our clients to see if any would be prepared to join our mission and become a mentor. The response was fantastic. Our survey received 213 responses from a mixture of business leaders, senior graduate recruiters, University careers staff, professional coaches, alumni and industry experts from the full spectrum of sectors and company sizes. The top three reasons they gave to get involved were,


For philanthropic reasons. I’d happily volunteer to help the next generation launch their careers.


I’d like to develop my skillset for a new role


It could enhance my personal brand and elevate my profile in graduate recruitment

With demand from graduates AND mentors willing to help, it made perfect sense to create Graduate Mentor and provide this service.

So, that’s our journey so far. Now we plan to scale this platform to be the UK’s number one, go-to platform for graduates seeking mentors who are inspiring business leaders, senior graduate recruiters, University careers staff, professional coaches, alumni and industry experts. Please share this within your network and together we will make a change. Thank you.

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“While many companies seem more than willing to hire chief diversity officers, helping to shore up a multi-billion-dollar diversity industry, one of the most effective strategies for building and retaining diversity is mentoring.”
Pamela Newkirk – Author of Diversity, Inc

Become a Mentor

We’d love to make a difference in this space and provide the best service so please join us as a mentor today and make a world of difference to the future of our next graduate generation. There is no charge to graduates or mentors to use this service.