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The first free mentoring community for under-represented graduates.

Learn from inspiring business leaders, senior graduate recruiters, professional coaches, career counsellors, industry experts and university alumni to launch your career and build your network. Book your free one-to-one session and get support on a wide range of issues covering your job applications and career search.

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Our mission

“Graduate Mentor will help the next generation of under-represented graduates reach their career potential with expert support from inspiring mentors.”

Created by The GRB Group in 2020, Graduate Mentor wanted to focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for University students and graduates, provide a support system and make a positive difference to young people’s lives.

Our mentors are from organisations like:

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CV Optimisation

Learn tips and tricks to get your CV presented in the best way and get noticed by selectors

Job Applications

Discover the tried-and-tested methods to get interviews and job offers quickly

Interview Preparation

Build your confidence and a positive mindset to ace every graduate interview

Assessment Centres

Take the mystery out of assessment centres and be the best prepared person in the room

Psychometric Tests

Learn how to practice for the latest tests and understand what graduate recruiters look for

Personal Branding

Be the best version of you online and offline to make graduate employers excited to hire you

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Step one

Create your free mentee account and career profile to pitch to our e-mentors.

Step TWO

Search and filter e-mentors, find the perfect match and send your connection request.

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When you are accepted you will both be joined in a private group where your e-mentoring can begin.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is such an important issue for the future workforce and the success of our economy that we decided to launch Graduate Mentor and put the spotlight on early talent from under-represented groups who have no support system. With a growing community of volunteer e-mentors and official partners from FTSE100, Fortune 500, SMEs and Universities we are perfectly placed to change young people's lives and increase their chances of career success.

Dan Hawes

Co-Founder of The GRB Group


Our career-led webinars cover a diverse range of ideas, strategies and professions, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to land your first job or seeking to advance your career, our webinars provide valuable insights and tips from seasoned professionals. Our mentors are experts in their respective fields, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every webinar.

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